Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ian Curtis Is Lazy

Dialogue from the 1993 documentary New Order Story:

Interviewer: Who's the laziest member of the group?
Peter Hook: Ian Curtis. I haven't seen him do anything for years.

At any rate, I bought this thing a month or so ago and hadn't watched it until the other day. It was bundled with another DVD of all of New Order's videos, together for $15 (should've been $20, but Best Buy mismarked it).

I'm a much bigger fan of early New Order (and of course Joy Division) than later New Order, so it makes sense that I prefer the first half of the doc. The first 25-30 minutes of this thing (it's over two hours) are amazing. Two full-length Joy Division clips (TV show apperance of "Transmission" and the music video for "Love Will Tear Us Apart"), of which there are very few, and some early New Order clips. I lose interest in some of the music after that, but the story is still interesting because these guys are sensationally dry (with the humor, not dull-- although they aren't that exciting either for that matter).

Also, Bono shows up a couple times to essentially fellate Ian Curtis.

A movie about Ian Curtis is currently in pre-production.

Who should play him? Say so in the comments section. Let's make this shit interactive.

This is what he looked like:

Okay, this is more than enough about Ian Curtis for one week. Y'all are going to start getting worried about me.


At 1:21 am GMT-6, Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone else read this rob?
i think cillian murphy should play him, honestly.

At 11:16 pm GMT-6, Blogger the pants said...

anyone but MICHAEL PITT.


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