Monday, December 19, 2005


From the New York Post:

"As if Kate Moss needed another reason not to re-unite with junkie rocker Pete Doherty— consider that the British bad boy's HIV-infected former drug dealer is urging Doherty to get an AIDS test. Owen O'Dwyer started selling heroin to Doherty three years ago, and says he used to do drugs with his famous client. 'I'm terrified Pete might have HIV,' O'Dwyer tells the Sun in London. 'I had no idea I had the disease when we were doing drugs— I want him to know this was not intentional. We didn't share needles but we kept our needles in the same glass. I'm worried blood on the needles may have mixed.' Doherty, 26, fled an Arizona rehabilitation clinic after an unsuccessful attempt to get clean last month. Moss recently ended their 11-month romance."

C'mon Pete, sort it out. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that "I'm worried blood on the needles may have mixed" really means "We shared needles-- frequently."


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