Saturday, December 17, 2005

Merry Xmas

Shane MacGowan is perhaps the most romantic drunken Irish bard of the past 25 years. Therefore, it seems fitting that he crafted the most romantic drunken Christmas song of all time. "It was Christmas eve babe, in the drunk tank," begins The Pogues' morosely upbeat and dysfunctional holiday classic about the elusiveness of the American dream. Coupled with a frosty pint of Guinness, this duet with the late Kirsty MacColl makes for some truly sublime Yuletide listening.

Download here.


At 9:30 pm GMT-6, Blogger Brian said...

Came here by way of Bunny/Richard Delicious. The Pogues are the best, and I'm so happy they've reunited. I've already got my tix for the Paddy's Day show in Times Square.


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