Wednesday, February 01, 2006


At first I had trouble connecting with Art Brut because I felt the material was too jokey, too clever for the sake of being clever, that they were a novelty act. Not true at all. The songs are strong, as well as being both sincere and honest. The humour isn't pretentious.

I recently came across these acoustic performances recorded by frontman Eddie Argos last October. These versions demonstrate the strength of the songs-- that Art Brut isn't about catchy guitar hooks and stylized post-punk nonsense. The lyrics can without a doubt hold their own, and Argos uses a gentler voice here. It's still very, very British, but it's also warmer.

Here, "Rusted Guns of Milan" turns from self-depricatingly funny to self-depricatingly tender and emotional. Also, check out the great, Pixies-esque "These Animal Menswear", which isn't on the album.

In retrospect, Art Brut put on what was arguably the most entertaining and fun live show I saw last year. Go see them if they come to your city or village, you won't be disappointed.

Download these songs here.


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