Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Year in Film - Part 3

9 Songs

This should have been the most controversial film of the year, but perhaps it was so controversial that the press didn't want to cover it. And it really shouldn't have been controversial, because it's just sex. It's not pornography, it's art...right. But it's very real sex. You see everything that you wouldn't see in a conventional film. It has a respected director in Michael Winterbottom (Wonderland, 24 Hour Party People), and two unknown actors.

The plot is basically that this guy is a British geologist, returns home to London, meets a girl at a concert, they go home and have sex, see each other at another concert, go home and have sex, go to another concert, have sex, talk about life, have sex, etc etc. The sex isn't tasteless, just graphic. It's pretty hot, too, and it's more like the sex regular people have, unlike in pornography. The problem, however, is that the movie isn't very good. The acting is average at best, and the concerts are filmed poorly, as if you yourself just held a camera from the middle of the audience. Performers include Franz Ferdinand, Super Furry Animals, the Dandy Warhols, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and the Von Bondies.

But I'm not sure that showing such graphic sex was essential the plot, and without it, the film would be quite boring and very short. An interesting experiment, though.


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