Monday, April 10, 2006

Sometimes We Rock and Roll

Wolf Parade - Live at Webster Hall (4/9/06)

The highlights of the night:

1) Finally hearing Wolf Parade play "Modern World" and "Grounds For Divorce" (The band refused to play these songs the first two times I saw them)

2) Meeting Aziz Ansari in front of the restroom before the show.

3) Hearing 3 new Wolf Parade songs that sounded as good as anything else they've done

Last night was my third time seeing Wolf Parade live, and the rush of joy I get from seeing them perform has not diminished one bit. There are few bands that are as exciting just to watch: Spencer tickling and pounding his keyboards, Hadji coaxing wails from his theremin, and Dan jerking chords from his guitar. Their encore was an unbelievable one-two punch of "This Heart's On Fire" and "I'll Believe In Anything." Hearing those two songs live, you'd think they wrote them just to have a perfect way to end every concert. I'm dying to hear what they do next.


At 10:21 am GMT-5, Blogger Kate said...

But you didn't mention 4) That smelly guy in the white sweatshirt in front of us.


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