Friday, February 24, 2006

Anticipated 2006 Record Releases

I was sitting in a coffeeshop yesterday talking to my friend Josh about how this year in music is going to be pretty rad with so many potentially great releases. Of course, the next part of our conversation was "what albums are going to be THE albums of 2006?" With a list like this and it only being February, it's anybody's guess:

Built To Spill (April)
Flaming Lips (April)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (March)
Neko Case (March)
The Liars (March)
Prince (March)
The Islands (ex-Unicorns) (April)
Secret Machines (April)
Tom Verlaine (leader of Television, 2 albums) (April)
The Walkmen (May)
The Shins (summer)
TV on the Radio (May)
Radiohead (May or June)
Arcade Fire (winter)

There are also the distinct possibilities of new Wilco and Modest Mouse albums by the end of the year.


At 2:39 am GMT-6, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come on... you don't care to hear The Raconteurs? Are you crazy?

-Dane Deasy

At 12:41 pm GMT-6, Blogger Ben said...

I said "anticipated" records...I do not anticipate anything with jack white or brendan benson in it. At it's best, it will be nothing more than a solid bluesy, garage-rock album.

At 5:07 pm GMT-6, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and you expect an explosion of creativity from neko case's new release?

dane deasy


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