Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I Wanna Be An Internet Sensation

Not since Andy Milonakis has there been a worthwhile internet sensation. You know, a video that you send to all of your friends, and they all send to you even though you've already seen it 100 times, etc etc.

Well, by now you've probably seen "The Chronic of Narnia Rap" that was on SNL this past Saturday. The shit's pretty hilarious. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it here. I've actually taken to TiVo-ing SNL this season because they've had some great bits and, um, I'm never home on Saturday night, well, because I'm out with the bitches, you see, and, uh, I didn't see this particular one live...

Anyway, turns out my man Samberg (Jew alert! High five!) is/was part of a comedy troupe (or something) called the Lonely Island. The other two dudes in it are SNL writers now. Well, they've got some videos on their site, some of which are pretty hilarious and others are just okay. But, if you like the aforementioned rap, you might like some of them. They've also directed a few music videos for real artists, and have had other short films on SNL.

But right now, check this shit out.

UPDATE: And, every once in awhile, I see something that makes me go, "Fuck, I wish I'd thought of that." This is one of those things. For fans of old school Nintendo.


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