Thursday, February 09, 2006

About Those Grammys...

I was impressed as well. The awards were shit, of course, but there were some great and surprisingly innovative performances. The opening with Gorillaz and Madonna looked great. Kanye and Jamie Foxx put on a fun show. Paul McCartney and Sly Stone where great as well. How badass was Sly? Coldplay, however, were embarrassingly bad.

The best moment for me came when the Jay-Z/Linkin Park performance segued into "Yesterday" and Paul McCartney came out on stage with them. Amazing!

Here are some links to watch the performances. You'll have to copy and paste. I'll update when more are available.


Kanye West:

Paul McCartney:

Jay-Z/Linkin Park/Paul McCartney:


At 8:53 am GMT-6, Anonymous peter said...

Holy Shit! I turned off the show after they introduced Linkin Park & Jay-Z as this monumental tour de force where rock legends mix it up with a hip-hop pioneer. First I thought "Oh God, not the Aerosmith/Rund DmC thing again. Didn't they get that out of their system 5 years ago?" Well luckily it wasn't that, but severely disappointing none the less.
So I flipped to Modern Marvels "Engineering Disasters" over on History and missed Sir Paul dust off Yesterday. Damn.


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