Friday, February 17, 2006


Destroyer's Rubies by Destroyer

I am speechless. I had never cared for Destroyer too much before. Destroyer is Dan Bejar, who also is one of the New Pornographers. I listened to this album once and thought it was okay. I listened to it again and thought it was pretty good. I listened to it a third time and was like, "Wow, I really dig this." And the fourth time through? HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Talk about a grower. The first track, "Rubies", is long and might be hard to get through, but it sets up the album perfectly in a way I can't describe (and this is why I'm not a rock critic). And then the second song ("Your Blood") is what really got it going for me. Okay I can't even keep writing about it, I have to go listen some more. Man! It's only February, but we've got an Album of the Year candidate on our hands. For serious.

Album in stores on February 21. You know what to do.


At 11:45 am GMT-6, Blogger Ben said...

I realized this album was awesome on the first listen Rob. I mean, COME ON!

At 10:02 am GMT-6, Anonymous peter said...

Took me about four listens myself, which I suppose means that I'm four times less the man Ben is.
I love the production of the album but am not a huge fan of the lyric delivery. Maybe it will grow on me but as of now, not so much.


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